Two years later, Hillis was the cover model of Madden NFL

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Tom Brady didn't quite pass the torch to Madden 22 coins Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV, but Tom Brady did take on an upcoming cover star.

EA Sports announced Thursday that Brady Mahomes as well as Brady will share the Madden NFL 22 cover. This announcement comes less than one year since their last clash on the largest stage of the game.

EA Sports teased the pairing by releasing a video on Monday featuring former Browns running back Madden NFL cover athlete Peyton Hillis and two goats. Hillis is seen taking a knee beside the goats, and speaking over the phone with an unidentified person. He says "they have done it again."

EA Sports created something unique that had never been done on two console generations. It's been 10 years since Hillis was included on the Madden NFL Series' annual entry. And it's been a while since the dual-athlete cover.

Madden hasn't had two stars share the precious space that's the cover of the game, since Madden NFL 10 in which Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Steelers safety Troy Polumalu appeared on the front, appearing as if they were about to clash. It was a great choice for the game the year before, and was designed around a revolutionary technique that allowed players to wrestle for a ball and fight for more yardage -- the inches we talk about that often decide the outcome of a game.

Two years later, Hillis was the cover model of Madden NFL 12 in the most stunning of fan vote unexpectedly. EA selected him to be its perfect pitchman in its teaser trailer that debuted on Monday. The message, which was veiled and subtle, was revealed on Thursday night: Hillis goats are just stands-ins for two G.O.A.T.s.

The teaming of Brady and Mahomes is not a surprise because it follows the footsteps of Super Bowl LV's matchup in which Brady's Buccaneers defeat Mahomes' Chiefs, and it is perhaps the most prestigious match in Madden history. Brady is certain to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame at the time he decides to shed his extraordinary shoes, and with a Super Bowl triumph and Super Bowl MVP under his belt at this cheap Madden nfl 22 coins still-early stage of his career, Mahomes very well could be headed for Canton at some point, too.

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