Therefore I had been thinking, what if you needed someone

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This was not what we intended to occur, therefore, we've tweaked the principles so multiway combat can only be used in RS gold some specific conditions. Jagex does not like players to have an unfair advantage over individuals so this goes the simplest fix EVER! Make some Bounty Hunter worlds multiway battle and others 1v1. This could let clans REALLY get back to wars, and would ease pressures. Now for the pjing correct: You've just killed someone, and they had a fantastic kill on. You try to pick this up and when you do, someone sees your skull change and immedately begins to shout,"PEN!!! PEN!!"

Then you've got half of bounty hunter following you. In this period you will not have a pickup or a leave penalty. You could be allowed to pick up arrows, even if you were ranging, because that's what gets me pens the maximum. Maybe you could be permitted to receive your kill, I do not know yet. During this time your skull abouve your mind dissappears. Individuals can not tell if you pick up the kill or not.

After this grace period is more than normal penalties apply, and your on your own. This could repel pjing because: The pjer would not know exactly what your kill's worth is. If he kills you, then you maintain 3-4 items anyway. If he fails to kill you, you can leave in your grace period.

Therefore I had been thinking, what if you needed someone to put in your home and help you construct inside? I believe this could be a good feature since if you wanted to improve your home and did not possess the level/cant manage to get it done, then just let someone do it for you. As soon as you buy the home, the owner is going to have a deed. The deed will have a code on it. When you've the deed you can read it, and it will have a randomly generated code on it. Every house owner (just 1 person can own a home at a time) will have another code. You can't buy another deed.

If you would like a scroll to your house, request a Real Estate person for one. He will ask what the code is and give you a scroll. The scroll is tradeable and enables others (you don't need it because you have the deed) to enter the house when you're not inside. It is possible to request multiple scrolls by saying your code and selecting'Get X scrolls', which will permit you to purchase a multiple variety of scrolls. Give the scroll into cheap OSRS gold a reliable person to help you with something. If you're feeling scammed, the Real Estate individual can remove their scroll. If your not in your house, you can save the deed or scroll in your PIN secured lender incase of a hacker.

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