Tips to Level Up MUT Team Quickly in Madden 21

This method is incredibly boring but it is the fastest way to increase your level and get the level rewards packs and Madden Coins

We are going over how to go from level 1 to level 50 in just 5-6 hours in Madden 21 Ultimate Team. This method is incredibly boring but it is the fastest way to increase your level and get the level rewards packs and Madden Coins

MUT or the Madden Ultimate Team is your chance to build your dream team, upgrade and keep improving until your team is in the best possible form.

Fortunately, a lot of easy upgrades can be achieved through the rewards that you get each time you level up.

Leveling in MUT

Leveling up your MUT is simple, just play as many games as you can in Madden Ultimate Team, this will net you level Experience points.

To increase your EXP gain you can perform challenges listed in the level challenges, unlocked at level 7, perform unique touchdowns or score points in special ways.

How to get a Team Captain in Ultimate Team

In Madden 21 Ultimate Team, there is the RIVALZ sequence of missions. These include the Youre Invited and Team Captain challenges. You may need to complete Youre Invited first to get familiar with your team and level up, but then go into the Team Captain challenges.

This includes four separate challenges for each of the Madden 21 Team Captains. Youll use that specific player on your MUT squad for the challenge. So for example, youll have Eddie George as HB for his mission.

The Recruit Your Team Captain missions are as follows:

Eddie George Gain 15-plus yards on the drive.

LaRoi Glover Dont allow 20-plus yards on drive.

Ed McCaffrey Pass for 20-plus yards on the drive.

Aeneas Williams Allow 15 or few yards on the drive.

Each mission above brings you 100 Coins, along with valuable experience. That should help you level up even more in Ultimate Team and gain rewards too.

Once you have completed all four missions, you get a fantasy pack containing the Madden 21 Team Captains. You now face the decision of who you want to start out with as your captain for MUT 21. Keep in mind, youll have options to change team captains throughout Ultimate Team, so theres really no wrong choice.

Theres a Series 1 Team Captain Token available at the Ultimate Team Store. This costs 15,000 Coins or 250 Madden Points. Youre able to purchase a maximum of three of the Team Captain Tokens per Series.

In addition, there will be Team Captain Missions in Ultimate Team where you can earn the Tokens, so keep an eye out for those.

Select Captains Team Affinity for Chemistry boosts

Once youve selected one of the Madden 21 Team Captains, youll get to choose their Team Affinity. Whats great about this is you can decide to go with your MUT squads team, even if your Team Captain never played for them. So for example, you can choose Eddie George to have the Chicago Bears as his Team Affinity, or any other of the NFL teams.

Once youve selected the Team Affinity, you can boost your Team Captain by adding more players to your squad with that Team Chemistry. This works well if you associate your captain with the team you already selected in MUT, but there may be other strategies to use as well.

Over the course of the season, you can also do various Team Affinity Missions to upgrade your captains OVR. In addition, there are So there will be all sorts of ways to boost your Team Captain in Madden 21.

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