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ADDITIONAL NOTE: The name of MLB The Show 21 Stubs the piece has been changed from the Investment Report into the Upgrade/Downgrade report, as I feel as though the piece does pay the investing side of the current market, but includes a greater focus on player movement. Also, since this piece was detailed regarding participant comparisons, the amount of pitchers detailed was marginally diminished.

Corey Knebel has been stellar this year for the Brew Crew, setting a 1.68 ERA and a WHIP of 1.18. His FIP is sitting at 2.30, which suggests that his achievement should be quite sustainable. In 7 innings because the All-Star break, he has put up an ERA of 1.29 with 5 hits allowed, 3 walks allowed, and 11 strikeouts. He's very impressive /9's (5.2 H/9, 0.6 HR/9, 15.8 SO/9, 5.4 BB/9), together with the only about stat being his 5.4 BB/9.

Knebel has many places which deserve upgrade. The main one is in H/9, as his H/9 of 5.2 is only.2 greater than Dellin Betances' H/9 of 5.0. However, Betances has a H/9 rating of 99, while Knebel comes with an 84. Knebel's HR/9 is only.1 over Jonathan Broxton's 2009 stat (0.6 vs. 0.5), yet Broxton includes a HR/9 evaluation of 81 while Knebel has a HR/9 evaluation of 66. He is quite deserving of both of these upgrades, and has golden potential written all over him.

He also has a FIP sitting at 2.46, which indicates his great year hasn't been a fluke. He hasn't allowed a run in 8 innings since the All-Star Break, and has given up 4 hits and a walk to go along with 12 strikeouts. His /9's are extremely good (6.2 H/9, 0.7 HR/9, 11.8 SO/9, 2.3 BB/9), with the sole about stat being his 5.4 BB/9.

Andrew Miller has listed a BB/9 of 2.5 this year (.21 higher than H's complete ), nevertheless has a BB/9 score of 77 in the game in comparison to Hand's 58. Hand is ranked 35th out of 162 qualified relievers in BB/9 this season, and MLB the show stubs 21 definitely warrants an upgrade in this region. Also, Darren O'Day includes a K/9 of 11.47 this year, and he's got a K/9 of 89 in the Show. Hand's K/9 is right over 0.3 higher than O'Day's, yet his K/9 is simply at 84. His HR/9 also warrants a boost, as it is sitting at 0.65, which puts him 51st out of their 162 qualified relievers.

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